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Welcome to the Landing Strip!

Hello, world!  And welcome to my new blog, The Landing Strip!  This site is all about the hows & whys of trimming or removing your hair “down there” for a fresh, clean look and feeling.  I decided to start this website because I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions out there about hair removal for the bikini line (and beyond!) and I want to share what I have learned and am still learning in my research.

Too many women today want to get rid of their pubic hair without knowing what they are doing!  It can be hard to decide between shaving or waxing, going completely bare or leaving a landing strip, or even trimming vs. smooth.  I’ve been trying to help some ladies on Yahoo Answers, but I know most people don’t use Yahoo anymore and I want to share my information to a wider public audience.  So if you have any questions, please feel free to email me (my address is on the About page) or leave a comment on any post.