Personal Grooming Tips for all Swimsuit Styles

When you’re eyeing a hot new swimsuit for summer, one thing to consider is just how much skin you’re exposing (and thus needs to be presentable for public viewing).  Today we’re going to look at several popular swimsuit styles and which pubic hairstyles are appropriate for each one.

Old school (20s style)

1920s style swimsuit

Back in the 1920s is when women first started wearing anything resembling a modern swimsuit in public.  Before this time, it was considered quite immodest for a woman to show off her legs and bare arms, and women’s swimwear looked more like a frilly dress with leggings than anything we would recognize as something to wear to the pool or the beach.  This swimsuit style resembles a workout outfit of tank-top and shorts, and as such doesn’t require much in the way of personal grooming.  As long as you shave your legs up to mid-thigh, you will be good to go!



A one-piece swimsuitWhile there is quite a bit of variation in one-piece swimsuit styles, in general they are more modestly cut than two-piece swimsuits, given that they cover up most or all of a woman’s torso.  These types of swimsuits tend to be favored by ladies who want to cover up their tummies or who just prefer to dress a bit more modestly.  They are also the style (racing suits) used by women who swim competitively.  One-piece swimsuits may still show off some pubic hair if you leave your bush untrimmed, but a quick bikini trim around the edges would be sufficient to ensure that you don’t have any hair sticking out.



Pink bikiniBikinis, as you well know, are two-piece swimsuits with a separate bra-like top and pantie-like bottom.  While the coverage provided by bikinis can vary widely, they generally show more skin than a 1-piece swimsuit around the pubic area.  Bikinis also lend their name to the bikini wax, which tells us the minimum level of personal grooming needed for this swimsuit.  A cute pubic hair design would also work well under a bikini.

Pro tip: if you are shaving your bikini line at home, you can make sure you’ve removed all the hair that would be showing by keeping your bikini bottoms handy and trying them on before you put up your razor.  Note that I don’t recommend wearing your bikini while shaving, since that could get messy and lead to an accident.


Thong bikini

Mannequin in a thong bikini
Photo Credit: picable via Compfight cc

A thong bikini (also known as a microkini) is about as nude as you can get at most beaches without attracting the attention of the local authorities.  You really only have two choices with something this skimpy: full Brazilian or a landing strip.  Even most shapes will be too wide to hide under a thong.  If you want to bare this much skin, well, you’ll have to depilate pretty much your entire pubic area.



Women in burkinis
Photo Credit: CharlesFred via Compfight cc

The burqini was designed by Aheda Zanetti to meet the demand for a functional swimsuit that is appropriately modest for Muslim women to wear in the presence of men.  As you can see, it is even more modest than the 1920s-style swimsuit above, so no pubic hair grooming is required for this one.  With the burqini, all you need in a mani-pedi and no one will no the difference!

 Choices, choices

So which swimsuit style are you going with this summer?  And how does the need for personal grooming affect your choice of swimsuit?  Let me know in the comments!