How to Shave Your Pubic Hair – A Complete Guide

Here on the Landing Strip I’ve shown you several fun pubic hair styles to choose from, and given you the low-down on what to do before and after your Brazilian wax.  But what about you ladies who want to take matters into your own hands?  I know that many of you don’t have the time, cash, or pain tolerance to go get waxed (nevermind the awkwardness of a total stranger seeing your lady garden up close while she rips your hair out!), so here is the complete guide on how to shave your pubic hair.

Quick note: if you aren’t an experienced shaver, DO NOT start with your pubic hair.  Practice on your legs or underarms first to get the hang of handling a razor, then move on to more delicate areas.  You need to learn how to apply pressure to shave properly before you learn how to shave your vagina.

Prep work

Trimming the bush makes landscaping easier
Trimming the bush makes mowing that much easier

First off, just like with a Brazilian wax, you want to trim your pubic hair to make it easier to work with.  However, unlike waxing where you need to leave a certain amount of length for the wax to grip, when trimming for a shave you’ll want to cut as close you comfortably can without pinching or nicking your skin.  This will make it easier to see what you’re doing, and the shorter the hair, the less you clog the razor.  You can use small scissors for this, or an electric trimmer for a more even, closer pre-shave trim.  A regular hair trimmer is too big & awkward to maneuver, but a beard trimmer or bikini-line trimmer can save you a lot of time and hassle.  Check out my guide to finding the best bikini trimmer for help in picking the right one for you.

Now that your pubic hair has been trimmed down to a quarter inch or less, prep your skin for shaving.  Heat and steam help open your pores and soften your hair, so I recommend shaving during or immediately after a shower if at all possible.  If not, shaving after a warm bath is also a good option, or you can soak a washcloth in warm water and cover your pubic hair with it for a few minutes before you start shaving.  Just make sure your skin is well-hydrated before you begin.

Shaving Supplies

This is not the razor you want to use to shave your pubic hair.
Don’t use your boyfriend’s old razor!

You’ll want to get together the implements you need as well before you begin shaving.  Like I said above, if you need to trim first, use a small pair of scissors or an electric bikini trimmer.  Next, always be sure to use a new razor if you’re using a disposable razor or razor with replaceable heads.  A dull blade is a big no-no!  You want your razor to be shiny & sharp to avoid tugging on the hair or even worse, cutting yourself down there.  If you’re using an electric shaver, make sure the head is clean and sharp.  Which type of razor you use is up to you.  I like a razor with built-in moisturizer, like this one from Gillette – it’s got an Olay bar wrapped around it, how much better can it get?  However, the extra moisturizing strip around the blade can be a little awkward if you’re not used to it, so the best razor for you is probably the one you’re most familiar with, as long as you’re not using the el-cheapo dollar store special made from rusted-out ships.  If you prefer an electric shaver, this shaver/trimmer combo will do both the trimming and the shaving for you.

Panasonic Wet/Dry Shaver & Bikini Trimmer
It slices & dices, but sadly does not also julienne fries

A good shaving cream will help keep your razor gliding along nicely and protect your skin.  While you can use conditioner in a pinch (it really does work pretty well!), I prefer a shaving cream that is designed for the more delicate skin down there. It also tends to be a little thicker, so it will stay put on your pubes instead of dripping down your legs.  This stuff works really well, and if you don’t like the original scent they have 10 more to choose from.

If you’re really worried about cutting yourself, there is actually a product that helps protect your most delicate body parts while you’re shaving.  It’s called the Va j-j Visor and it fits under your outer labia to cover your vagina and protect your inner labia & clitoris.

Let the shaving begin!

Alright, so now that you’ve trimmed your pubic hair and got the remaining follicles nice & soft, you’re ready to start shaving.  If you’re planning to shave after a shower, put your razor & shaving cream somewhere within easy reach so you can shave as soon as you’re done.  Then use a generous amount of shaving cream to cover all of the pubic hair you’re planning to shave (depending on whether you’re going fully bare or leaving a landing strip) while being careful to avoid getting any inside your vagina – that can really sting!

Once you have everything good & lathered up, prop one foot on the edge of the tub (or if you’re not shaving in the shower, a footstool or the toilet lid). This will give you more room to work with and a better angle to get at the hair around your vagina. Start shaving with the grain of the hair on the first pass. It won’t be a super close shave, but this will help prevent irritation and razor burn. I also recommend starting with the hair on the outside of the area you’re shaving and working in. That way you get warmed up on a less sensitive area before you start shaving near the most delicate bits.

Use your other hand to keep your skin pulled tight while you shave. This will help you avoid snagging and cutting yourself. Also be sure to rinse out your razor after each pass. If the blades are clogged, you will pull the hair instead of cutting it.

Once you are done shaving with the grain, you may want to do another pass across the grain for a closer, smoother shave. Make sure your skin isn’t irritated before you try this, and if it is your first time shaving your pubic hair, let your skin rest and recover. And never shave against the grain – that is just asking for razor burn and ingrown hairs. If you do choose to shave across the grain, apply more shaving cream and follow the same process.

Skin Recovery

Now that you have things shaped and shaved downstairs, you need to take care of your newly-naked skin. Your pubic hair normally provides a layer of protection from chafing and helps keep the skin of your vaginal lips healthy and moisturized. As soon as you are done shaving, rinse off all shaving cream and pat your skin dry. Check for any small cuts or scrapes, or any patches of angry red skin. If you’ve cut yourself, dab away the blood with a cotton ball, then apply an antiseptic like hydrogen peroxide. (Fair warning – this will sting a lot, but it will help prevent infection.) Once any bleeding is stopped, use lotion to replenish the moisture that was scraped away by the razor. I like Tend Skin as an after-shave treatment.  It’s pretty good for preventing razor bumps & ingrown hairs if you use it regularly.

For the next few days after you shave your vagina, be sure to pay extra attention to your skin and pamper it a little. Gently exfoliating will help prevent bikini bumps from developing, and using a light lotion every day will keep your skin moisturized throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Like I said earlier, if you haven’t shaved your pubic hair before, be careful and go slow. It can be a little tricky to get every bit of hair, especially if you are shaving it all off. If you miss a spot, just apply some more shaving cream and give it another go.  You may well notice a few stray pubic hairs a day or two after you shave, in which case you can do a quick touch up to get rid of the stragglers.

If you have any tips or tricks for how to shave your pubic hair, please let me know in the comments below! Protection Status

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  1. Oh, wow!! Thank you for the post. Also, I heard that baby oil gel is excellent to shave with. One other thing, I was wondering if you could do a how-to post on shaving the pubes into a landing strip. Personally, I’ve always gone with a Brazillian, but I’m currently having to cut back on expenses and I’ve always wanted to try the landing strip. (The boys I’ve previously dated have always preferred all-bare skin). I want to shave my vag in a way that I like now, but I’m at a loss as to how to go about it.

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