Brazilian Wax Aftercare

Not sure how to make sure your skin stays smooth after a Brazilian wax?  Learn all about Brazilian wax aftercare here!

In the previous post, we covered how to prepare for a Brazilian wax.  Now we’ll discuss how to care for your skin after your waxing.

What to do the day after your wax

Once your waxing is done, your skin will be smooth and very sore.  Many estheticians will apply some talc powder to help soothe your newly bare skin.  (At this point you will be happy if you remembered to wear comfortable cotton underwear and loose-fitting pants or a skirt.)  Be prepared for your skin to be slightly sore and irritated (a bit of redness and/or small bumps) for up to a day after a Brazilian wax.  Ibuprofen can help with any soreness and swelling.

Avoid heat and friction after your Brazilian wax

You can take a warm shower as soon as the evening after your waxing, but avoid hot showers and baths for 24 hours after you get waxed.  You should also avoid the following activities for at least one day after waxing:

  • Steam rooms or saunas
  • Swimming
  • Exercising
  • Sex
  • Tanning or sunbathing
Depending on how you feel, you can resume all activities after one day.  However, if you are still sore or irritated, don’t push yourself too hard!  Some women take longer to recover than others, and some are just very sensitive to waxing.  

Treat your skin to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs

To keep your skin from becoming irritated, use a product like Tend Skin on your waxed area after showering.  This will help reduce redness and prevent ingrown hairs.  I recommend using Tend Skin after each shower for at least the first 3-4 days after your waxing.

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Ongoing Brazilian wax aftercare

You will need to continue to care for your skin on a regular basis after your wax.  A few days after your treatment, you should begin exfoliating the waxed area with a loofah or a gentle pouf.  This will help prevent ingrown hairs and bumps if you consistently exfoliate 2-3 times per week.  You should also moisturize every day with a gentle, soothing lotion or baby oil.  I like the Aveeno lotions with oatmeal in them – for some reason they seem to work really well on my sensitive skin (all over, not just down there!)

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If you follow these simple Brazilian wax aftercare steps, your skin should stay soft and supple, and you will avoid in-grown hairs as your hair grows back.

2 Replies to “Brazilian Wax Aftercare”

  1. I just had a full brazillian today and although I inspected at the spa when I got home my bf informed me that there are still a lot of hairs left, should I go back or just tweeze them?

    1. Serena, if this was your first Brazilian, your hair could be thick enough that they didn’t get everything. I’d tweeze the remaining hairs if they bother you, or if not, just leave them be until next time.

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