Keeping Up (Down There) With the Kardashians

I have to admit, I don’t “keep up” with the Kardashian family’s antics on a regular basis, but a recent bit of news caught my eye.  Khloé Kardashian recently posted on her blog a discussion of the sisters’ personal grooming habits.  Probably way TMI, but it does provide a bit of insight into each woman’s personality.

Khloé starts off by declaring that she prefers a landing strip.  She says “I like to be clean; I like to be manicured. When there’s nothing there, it’s weird…” which makes a landing strip the perfect pubic hairstyle for her.  It keeps everything nice and tidy without being full-on bare.  In fact, Khloé says that it makes her “uncomfortable” to see women at the spa with “nothing down there”.  That must make for awkward sister spa days, since her sister Kim (aka Mrs. Kanye West) has been lasered completely bare.  However, this points up one of the downsides of permanent hair removal, as Kim now “says she wishes she still had a lil’ somethin’ going on” but no longer has the option of growing it out.  This is the nice part about shaving – you can always shave bare if you want, then grow it back if you change your mind.

In contrast to Kim, her oldest sister Kourtney goes to the opposite extreme with a full bush.  Or maybe not – that’s how Khloé thinks of her, but claims Kourtney “swears that’s just a joke and has a landing strip … sometimes.”  I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it would seem that Kourtney isn’t quite as concerned about maintaining a specific look as her sisters.  And now we all know way more than we wanted to about the Kardashians’ pubic hairstyles.  Let me know how that makes you feel in the comments!