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Tales from a Bikini Waxer

We all appreciate the ladies who provide intimate waxing services! Recently one of them made an appearance on Reddit to answer questions about her job, the best/worst things she has seen, and what you as a waxee can do to make her life easier and your waxing more pleasant. This esthetician is still answering questions as they come up, so go ask anything you want in the Reddit Esthetician AMA.

And no, the lady on Reddit is not me. I am more on the receiving end of beauty services, and I tend to stick with a trimmer to tame the jungle, so to speak. If you are too shy to post on Reddit, leave a question in the comments below!

Bikini Waxing Horror Stories

Bikini waxes aren’t all fun and games

While reading Reddit last week, I came across a thread with stories from professional waxers about their worst experience giving a bikini wax.  As you can imagine, it’s not for anyone with a weak stomach…plenty of stories about poor hygiene, untreated STDs, and inopportune bodily functions.  If you aren’t too squeamish, check it out as a guide to what NOT to do, then hop on over to my guide on how to prepare for a bikini wax so you don’t wind up in the round of horror stories!

People that work or have worked in bikini waxing salons, what is the worst/disturbing experience you have come across while giving someone a bikini wax? (NSFW) from AskReddit

Is Brazilian Waxing Safe?

While Brazilian and bikini waxing are growing in popularity, many ladies are hesitant to give it a rip, so to speak.  You may have heard horror stories from a girlfriend or read about a freak accident on the internet.  But how dangerous is it, really?  Are these stories true?  Are waxing salons the dark alleys of the beauty world or is Brazilian waxing safe?

(Note: although I am using the term Brazilian wax, this discussion applies to the use of waxing to create any type of pubic hairstyle, not just the fully bare look!)

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How Long Does a Brazilian Wax Last?

One question I’ve gotten here at the Landing Strip is how long does a Brazilian wax last?”  This is a good question to ask if you’re considering preparing for a Brazilian.  You want to make sure the pain and expense are worth it!

The answer depends on what you define “how long does it last”.  As we will see, it also depends on individual factors such how frequently you get waxed, how fast your hair grows, and even the weather. Continue reading