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Sjana Earp Talks Pubic Hair

Ever wonder how a gorgeous model and one of Instagram’s most popular celebrities keeps her lady garden under control?  Sjana Earp is a yoga model and travel photojournalist who is frequently snapped wearing a bikini in poses that would reveal any stray hairs, pubic or otherwise.  Keeping her pubic hair under control is part of her job description, and she recently posted a YouTube video explaining the various methods you can use.  I like that she reminds her viewers that this is a personal choice, and you should only shave, trim, or wax if you want to.  After showing a variety of razors and home waxing products, she reveals her personal favorite pubic hairstyle – can you guess what it is?  Watch the video below!

Keeping Up (Down There) With the Kardashians

I have to admit, I don’t “keep up” with the Kardashian family’s antics on a regular basis, but a recent bit of news caught my eye.  Khloé Kardashian recently posted on her blog a discussion of the sisters’ personal grooming habits.  Probably way TMI, but it does provide a bit of insight into each woman’s personality.

Khloé starts off by declaring that she prefers a landing strip.  She says “I like to be clean; I like to be manicured. When there’s nothing there, it’s weird…” which makes a landing strip the perfect pubic hairstyle for her.  It keeps everything nice and tidy without being full-on bare.  In fact, Khloé says that it makes her “uncomfortable” to see women at the spa with “nothing down there”.  That must make for awkward sister spa days, since her sister Kim (aka Mrs. Kanye West) has been lasered completely bare.  However, this points up one of the downsides of permanent hair removal, as Kim now “says she wishes she still had a lil’ somethin’ going on” but no longer has the option of growing it out.  This is the nice part about shaving – you can always shave bare if you want, then grow it back if you change your mind.

In contrast to Kim, her oldest sister Kourtney goes to the opposite extreme with a full bush.  Or maybe not – that’s how Khloé thinks of her, but claims Kourtney “swears that’s just a joke and has a landing strip … sometimes.”  I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it would seem that Kourtney isn’t quite as concerned about maintaining a specific look as her sisters.  And now we all know way more than we wanted to about the Kardashians’ pubic hairstyles.  Let me know how that makes you feel in the comments!


A New Way to Maintain Your Pubic Hairstyle

Hey ladies – just a quick post to let you know about a new company, Fur, with a line of products designed to take care of your undercarriage.  I love it – pubic hair care in classy packaging, like a traditional high end beauty product.  They will look great next to your other products without standing out as something that is meant to tame your bush.

They are starting out with two products, one for pubic hair and one for naked skin so you can maintain whatever pubic hairstyle you choose.

Fur Oil from Fur

First up is Fur Oil, designed to soften and clean your pubic hair.  It’s an all-natural mix of grape seed, jojoba, and tea tree oils that will moisturize your skin and keep your hair healthy without staining your clothes.  It’s a similar formulation to many beard oils but won’t leave you smelling like a lumberjack, and it should help with those times between trims when your hair is prickly and trying to poke out every which way.

Stubble Cream from Fur

Fur’s other product is Stubble Cream, which as the name suggests, is for bare pubic skin.  It softens your stubble and clears your pores to prevent ingrown hairs.  It contains many of the same ingredients as Fur Oil with the addition of shea butter to provide a smooth, creamy consistency and additional protection for sensitive, freshly-shorn skin.

I can’t wait to try out both of Fur’s products to see how well they work as part of my bikini wax aftercare regimen.  If you have tried them, please leave me a note in the comments or send me a private email via the contact page!

What to Do With Your Pubic Hair While You’re Pregnant

How will I trim this bush?

Of all the challenges mums face when they’re expecting, one that most don’t consider is how to keep their lady garden trimmed. What was once a quick task to take care of in the shower can be much more difficult when you’re working around a belly bump! But with a little planning and some creative techniques, you can keep your pubic hair nice & tidy throughout your pregnancy.

First things first – decide what kind of look you’re going for. If you don’t already have a favorite style or are thinking of trying something different, check out my guide to pubic hairstyles. While there are plenty of cute designs to choose from, it’s best to keep things simple while you’re pregnant. For the purposes of today’s post, I’ll break it down into three main categories: completely bare, partially bare, and trimmed.

Completely bare is the neatest option, but it does present some risks. Besides being more work than the other grooming techniques, there is a greater risk of infection during delivery. In fact, doctors used to shave women before they gave birth, to keep things neater and make it easier for them to see any tearing or other trauma. Most don’t now because of the risk of infection from the little nicks and cuts that often accompany the use of a razor. So if you do decide to go bare, be careful not to break the skin and consider letting it grow out for a few weeks before your due date.

Partially bare has many of the same risks as going completely bare. However, you can leave a fun design in your lady garden, and anything that makes a pregnant lady feel pretty is A-OK with me! Trimmed is the least risky and easiest option. No razors or wax need be involved, so your chance of damaging your delicate skin is minimal. Of course, if you are used to shaving or waxing, it will feel weird to have a bush again, so consider how it will make you feel.

Now that you’ve decided what kind of pubic hairstyle you’re going for, it’s time to mow the lawn! Here are 4 ways to tame the hair down there during your pregnancy.

  1. Get waxed
    Getting a wax at a salon is the easiest option, but painful. Definitely go to a good, reputable salon and ask for an esthetician who has waxed pregnant women before. If you haven’t gotten a Brazilian or bikini wax before, I strongly recommend you don’t go for the first time while pregnant. All of the pregnancy hormones will make you more sensitive, and it will hurt even more than it normally would.
  2. Get a helping hand
    If your partner (or a very good friend) are willing and able, this is a good option. Obviously, if your husband cuts himself shaving every day, you will want to save yourself the pain and try something else. But if it’s not too embarrassing for either of you, it can be an intimate experience. Use scissors or a trimmer to get things short. Then if you’re going for a bare look, have your partner shave off the hair you want to get rid of. Even when you want the completely bare look, it’s best to start with shaving the bikini line and work up to the full monty. Always use a sharp new razor and a good shaving gel or cream to avoid little cuts that could lead to infection.
  3. Use a mirror
    When you’re flying solo and need to trim the hedges, you can use a mirror to see and reach all of the areas you need to groom. If you have steady hands, you can hold a hand mirror in one hand to get a good look at the area you’re shaving with the other hand. Another method, which is a little awkward and requires a bit of prep, is to lie on the floor in front of a full-length mirror with your legs propped on the wall on either side of the mirror. You’ll want to put a towel under your butt and prop your head up with a pillow to see everything. (Like I said, this way is awkward, and laying on the floor may not work at all in your 8th or 9th month.) However you set up your mirror, go slow and get used to everything being backwards.
  4. Use the force
    If you were shaving or trimming before you got pregnant, you can “use the force” and rely on muscle memory to guide your trimmer or razor while it is out of view. This works better with trimming than shaving. You may want to use a mirror the first time or two to get the hang of it. And although it may seem silly, it will be easier if you close your eyes while you’re working. Closing your eyes forces your body to rely on your other senses, which will heighten your awareness of where your hand is in relation to your other bits.

So there you have it – four ways to keep the lady garden from becoming overgrown while you’ve got a bun in the oven. Let me know if you have any other grooming tips for expecting moms!

Pink Pubic Hair…on a Mannequin?

While I’ve heard of ladies dying their pubic hair, I’ve never heard of a mannequin with pink pubic hair before…or any pubic hair at all, for that matter.  Apparently Lady Gaga likes the pink look too!  She has asked for a mannequin with pink pubic hair as part of her tour contract.  Besides more normal requests like lavender towels, hand soap, and roses, she requested a mannequin with “puffy pink public (sic) hair”.  While here at the Landing Strip we aren’t too keen on the puffy look (it’s much tidier to keep things neat & trimmed down there), we’re all for trying out fun colors and different pubic hairstyles.  You can try out different colors and styles to find the one you like, or even change them up to match your mood.  If you’d like to try out the pink look for yourself, you can get pink pubic hair dye at Amazon.

Famous Landing Strips – Hoda Kotb

I don’t normally post celebrity news, but this was too good to pass up. Friday on the Today Show, Hoda Kotb announced to the world that she has a landing strip!  Her co-host, Kathy Lee Gifford, was ranting about the lengths women go to for personal grooming (instead of rocking a natural full bush) when Hoda made her announcement.  Check out the video below to see it all.

More Advanced Pubic Hairstyles

My last post discussed the pros and cons of the most common pubic hairstyles.  As promised, now I will discuss four less common styles.  To be honest, these are all more or less variations of the landing strip, but some require a bit more time & patience to create and maintain.  I won’t be discussing the pros and cons in depth, since they are all fairly similar to the landing strip.

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